Applause, Please

2014 Belarusian Dream Theater

March 25, 2014 upcoming presentations in: Tiblisi, Minsk, Budapest, Florence, Olso, Copenhagen, Athens, Perth, Merredin, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Kiev, Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, and Bennington.

Time: 10 min

Cast: 3 (3M)

Scenes: 1

A hipster from Brooklyn with a passion for raising hens on his roof learns a lesson about freedom of expression on a trip to the Republic of Belarus.


Two Belarusian officers question an American detained at the Minsk International Airport for wearing a potentially incendiary T-shirt. All three are inadvertently caught in larger political forces that defy common sense and justice. "Applause, Please" explores the absurdities inherent in the notorious law enacted in Belarus in 2011 that prohibits any expression of political dissent, including applauding in public, in the wake of widely criticized elections. An annotated version of the play is available here.


March 25, 2014 - "Applause, Please" will be part of the Belarusian Dream Theater, an international initiative with 17 partner theaters in Europe, the USA, and Australia. More on the project here and here.