Residency at The Field starts today

I will be developing a new work in residence at The Field for the next four months, culminating in a performance in February. The rehearsal space is a beautiful loft in Chelsea, just steps from the entrance to the Highline. 

Most of the others in the residency are dancers/choreographers. There is one director with his own ensemble. I am the only playwright. This is an exciting and intriguing scenario. I am the only one whose work starts with language, and I will have to figure out how to translate language into the three dimensional world of sense and movement.

On meeting my fellow residents for this season, I was asked to describe what I would be working on. I'm sure I blathered on about something, but the truth is I don't know. I have ten pages - probably the first scene of a full length play - and a whole lot of ambition about using the time as a kind of movement laboratory. And that is all I have so far.